Run Coaching

Running has been a passion of mine ever since I crossed my first start line 14 years ago. I began running track and cross-country in middle school and continued running competitively through college. These days, you can find me racing half-marathons and marathons, still chasing big goals.

2017 Chicago Marathon (I think running should ALWAYS be this fun)

Coaching has always been a dream of mine and I’m excited to share my passion for running with others. I’ve had many coaches over the years and each experience, good or bad, has taught me a tremendous amount about the coach I would like to be.  I believe coaches and athletes enter into a partnership and in order for an athlete to be successful, both partners must put in the work, be flexible, and collaborate as a team.

Puppy Love

In my own running life I’ve dealt with injuries, burnout, and mental health struggles. My personal philosophy is that it is far more important to train smart and run because it makes you happy than it is just to grind it out and train hard. As a coach, I want to help you achieve your goals, but most importantly I want you to be happy and healthy while doing so.

A virtual run coaching relationship with me will include a personalized plan that is constantly being developed to best suit your needs, regular feedback, and unlimited contact! I am located in Washington, D.C. but can virtually coach you anywhere! As your coach, I look forward to embarking on a journey together!

I coach for Amanda Brooks of Run to the Finish. Please visit her webpage for pricing and availability.

Personal Bests:

Half-Marathon: 1:22.59 (Richmond Half Marathon 2019)

Marathon: 3:08.27 (Boston Marathon 2018)